Respectful Communication and Relationships

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Respect let's us all know we all matter because 

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and to belong.

Respect builds connection, wellbeing, health, relationships, and success. 

Respect reduces distress, resentment, bullying, and violence.  

Respectful Communication and Relationships 

is about making a difference when you want to:

            Communicate cooperatively and effectively

            Build and strengthen positive Respectful Relationships

            Boost equality and kindness in the world

            Protect yourself and others from misuse of power

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Why Respect?

Respect let's us all know we all matter because 

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and to belong.

Respect builds connection, wellbeing, health, relationships, and success. 

Respect reduces distress, resentment, bullying, and violence.  

Empowering you to develop your mindset and skills for         Respectful Communication and Relationships

Welcome to Respectful Communication and Relationships.


Discover an ever-growing collection of resources to enhance your ability to have Respectful Conversations and Relationships.   

As individuals, we'll travel the path in our own unique way.   Here you can choose the pathway that allows you to develop your abilities and capacity your way.  

The three key areas for you to explore are: 


Building your knowledge and skills: This is a good place to start if you are comfortable with the process of gathering information, developing skills and put them into practice. Check out Being Respectful to assist build your communication and relationship skills. Practical provides tips in blogs, or Resources for a lists of quality places and books to assist you. Want more? Want to support the cause? Then consider becoming a member


Dealing with obstacles: You are likely to start here if you are in the middle of a ‘difficult situation’.  Head to Difficult to discover how to deal with a range of difficult conversations.  

Building your power:  If you are ready for a challenge that heralds a powerful transition enabling you to achieve your desires while being Respectful, head straight to Powerful’.  I suspect you will be surprised at what you find. 


The journey to increased Respectful Communication and Relationships in our life and society can be very challenging.  It is also very rewarding.  So it is valuable to remember none of us are alone on their journey to developing their own and societies ability to practice Respectful Communication and Relationships.  Sometimes it may feel like you are alone.  This site is a testament to the fact you are not alone.  If you need a helping hand or wish to connect with like-minded others I invite you to reach out and connect


Your Guide: Dr Janelle Sheen 


Janelle has over 40 years experience in assisting people to achieve their goals through her education and training roles.  In that time, like you, Janelle has lived through many communication misadventures, including a number of significant Workplace Bullying experiences. This has given her first hand knowledge, lived experience, of the many distressing impacts of disrespectful communication and relationships. As well as the challenges of Restoring one's life, health and wellbeing after such destructive experiences. 


As a consequence Janelle has turned her attention to supporting herself and other individuals, like you, create a Kinder more Respectful world while enhancing their Personal Power to enjoy a life they desire.  If you choose to join her, Janelle will guide you on your journey to a live of increasing Respectful Practice through her writing and training.

Janelle's Mission is to Promote and Support the development of a Kinder more Respectful world, while enhancing individuals' Personal Power to enjoy life. Doing this through the development of Respectful Communication and Relationship skills and mindset.  The intention is to reach the tipping point, so that Respectful Practice becomes the social norm in action.  


Respect Makes the Difference 

Begin your journey of empowering yourself by building your competence in the arts of Respectful Communication and Relationship Mindsets and Skills with Janelle.  




B.A. Psychology           B.Sci. Biological 

Masters Sci.                 PhD Health Care

Grad Cert. Ed


At Respectful Communication and Relationships Janelle aims to address the lack of engaging education in these two essential life skills.  By guiding you on the journey to a life of greater Respect while embracing the reality of your humanness.

Respectful Communication and Relationships delivers insights and realistic tips for achieving Respectful Communication and experiencing Respectful Relationships in your life.  Check out the resources page and blog. 

Respectful Communication delivers Membership Programs, Workshops, Practice Sessions, Presentations as well as Personalise Presentations on Respectful Communication and Relationships, Difficult Conversations, Roles and Responsibilities and more.  For further information contact Janelle and check out the events and services page

Respectful Communication and Relationships is based just outside Melbourne, Victoria  Australia.  


Practical Tips and Resoruces



Hi Janelle
I just wanted to thank you for your guidance through this unit. The additional summaries, tips for assignments and the feedback you gave was brilliant. It was enjoyable to do, but also lovely to have a lecturer that obviously enjoys what she does and cares so much about her students. Just about the feedback, it was very concise and pointed so I knew exactly what you meant.
Thanks again for making the unit so pleasurable to study.


— Ann


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