Bullying is Disrespectful

It needs to stop 

Disrespectful Communication and Relationships

All disrespectful communication has damaging effects on communication and relationships, not to mention the individuals involved. Whether in our home, social or professional settings. The harm is recognised such that bullying is against the law.  Yet it, along with other disrespectful interactions, bullying continues in our society.


Bullying in the workplace is costing organisations millions and individuals their health:  psychologically, financially, socially, and physically. Yet the incidence of workplace bullying has been found to be increasing despite numerous anti-bullying policies and programs. 


Workplace bullying is a major issue. It has been referred to as the ‘silent epidemic’ for close to 20 years, if not longer (Mc Avoy, 2003; Turner 2018).  Despite attempts to address workplace bullying, it is clearly not been addressed effectively.


Workplace bullying is an issue that still needs to be address.

I believe that disrespectful communication and bullying is so ingrained in our society, we often do not recognise it. Let alone know how to deal with it. 


This is important, because it means we are unable to distinguish poor communication skills, bad days, bullying and other forms of disrespectful communication. 

Making these distinctions are critical, as we all have bad days and have difficult conversations, however a small portion of people are intentionally disrespectful in their communication, are true bullies or practice other forms of toxic communication. Each of these communication issues need to be acted on different.  



an anti-bullying approach and program 

with a difference!

Reject Bullying provides practical

'what to do' 

options that you can choose from 

to maximise your best interests.

You can join the team as a supporter 


as someone wanting to explore ways to make a difference in this major social issue. 

Reject Bullying is founded in:

            Clearly Defined Principles that are foundational to practicing and living Respectfully.

            Reality, because current promoted ideals are not working! Two key realities are:

                     Bullies operated by different principles and 

                     The law can only do so much, as a result,

                     It is up to you!

Reject Bullying addresses the 4Rs of Workplace Bullying: our

            Ability to Recognise bullying and other disrespectful interactions

            Ability to effectively Resolve bullying or disrespectful interactions when they occur

            Ability to Reduce the incidence of bullying and other disrespectful actions and

            Ability to Restore your well-being post being targeted.

In Reject Bullying discover:

          How to Recognise and distinguish 'bullying and other forms of disrespect' from poor communication or relationship skills

          How to Reduce your chances of becoming a target or victim of 'disrespectful' actions

          Options of what to do to Resolve the situation, if you find yourself a target and

          How to nourish and Restore your well-being, Self Respect, and Personal Power if targeted

If you are committed to Anti-bullying and would like to discover more, consider becoming a


Member of the Reject Bullying Team

Where you can discover like minded people,

explore insights and practices to realistically deal with bullying. 

While the focus is on the Workplace bullying, 

there are many practical insights for 

anyone wishing to Recognise, Resolve, Reduce, and Restore 

from incidences of bullying

in their day to day life. 

As your guide, I use my Respectfulness Principles and Practices, Lived Experience, Recovery Practices, Trauma Awareness, Adult Educator experience and skills, positive psychology and body mind training and knowledge, as well as personal and professional development skills to empower you to Reject Bullying from your life! 

Mc Avoy, B. R. 2003 Workplace bullying: The silent epidemic BMJ. 2003 Apr 12; 326(7393): 776–777. doi: 10.1136/bmj.326.7393.776 PMCID: PMC1125699 PMID: 12689952https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1125699/  Accessed 12th July 2020

Turner, R. 2018 Australian workers 'grin and bear' it in silent workplace bullying epidemic https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-16/workplace-bullying-an-epidemic-so-what-is-a-safeworkplace/9552456  Accessed 12th July 2020

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