Bullying is Disrespectful

It needs to stop 


Bullying is against the law yet continues in our society.  All disrespectful communication has damaging effect on communication and relationships whether in our homes, social or professional settings. 

Indeed Bullying in the workplace is costing organisations millions.  Yet the incidence of bullying has been found to be increasing despite the numerous anti-bullying programs. 

It is so ingrained in our society too often we do not recognise it because we are unable to distinguish poor communication skills, bad days, bullying and other forms of disrespectful communication. 

Making these distinctions are very important, as we all have bad days and have difficult conversations, however a small portion of people are intentionally disrespectful in their communication, are bullies or other forms of toxic communicators.   


Each of these communication issues need to be acted on different.  This cannot happen effectively when we are unable to distinguish them. 


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