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A Bruised Upholder

Disrespectful Communication and Relationships do enormous harm.   

Janelle's commitment to supporting those who wish to develop Respectful Communication and Relationships comes from her lived experience of disrespectful communication and relationships. The level of harm caused by disrespectful practices can and often is life threatening.  Janelle has  experienced financial, social, mental and physical harm as a result of such interactions.  The accumulation of the smaller injuries results in collective wound that impacts significantly.   Janelle knows she is not the only one with such experiences.  Indeed our society asserts something needs to be done.  Yet little is changing.  Thus Janelle offers a different approach, one grounded in her lived experiences as much as  her knowledge of current communication and relational interactions theories.  

While there is a growing body of researched based evidence, that argues for the  cooperative 'Greater Good' approach to life, there is resistance to its development into daily practice.  This resistance can and often is strong, creating enormous harm in it's own right.   This is about the 'fit' of the research based knowledge in reality.   The difference between theory and practice.  Many will acknowledge the apparent misfit between theory and practice from their lived experience.  For this reason Janelle speaks in terms of the dual reality and the need for appropriate self-protective strategies.  Her intention is to provide research based strategies that promote kindness and greater good in such a way as to reduce harm, so less people experience the harm she has.  

Janelle is committed to promoting the benefits of Respectful Communication and Relationships to support the social transition from a controlling style of living to one of the Greater Good where kindness, respect and mutuality empowers benefits for more people, organisations and society as a whole.   

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