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Personal Power

Personal Power is about your ability to make, act effectively on and uphold decisions that will enable you to fulfil your needs and desires, while living the life you want.

To claim your Respectful and FUN life

Build your Personal Power via refining your

Self-Determination, Authenticity and Personal Resources.


                                                 This is your life.

Your are a Unique Individual who matters.

Self-Determination is the means to be your

Best True Self.

Despite being in a world that is constantly telling you who to be,

what to do or demanding your time.

It is up to you to determine who you will be and how you will live your life. This will require you to take Ownership and Responsibility for your life, your decisions and actions. 

As part of the process it is important to understand that powerful Self-Determination requires the alignment of three key aspects of who you are and are observed to be:

Who you actually are

Who you perceive yourself to be  and

How others perceive you 

When these are aligned Authenticity is the outcome.

Other aspects of Self-Determination are your Personal Resources and Ability to Achieve


         'Who you actually are' or your 'True Self' is the individual you were born as.


Unfortunately in our society most of us are discouraged from being our True Self and told who we are via labeling.  All too often this discouragement and labeling causes us to disconnect from our True Self, take on the labels given us and focus of becoming who we believe we are meant to be, creating 'who you perceive yourself to be'. This happens with ease due to our basic need to belong. 

In addition it is not how we wish to be seen that determines how others perceive us, but rather what we do and what they see. How we act means more to others perception of us than what our intentions and desires are. Plus, what others see is commonly altered due to the way the human brain works. The human brain creates a selective and constructed perceptions of reality.  Thus individuals often do not see the person in front of them, instead they see who they expect that person to be. 

Being able to live as an authentic individual requires understanding this reality, embracing it, plus having a strong connection and commitment to one's True Self.  

Yet living Authentically has a strong tendency to improve the quality of one's relationships and lived experiences

Personal Resources 

We all have Personal Resources that we use and allow us to impact ur reality.  These include:

Our ability to claim Ownership and accept Responsibility for our life, decisions and actions.

Our energy, physical and psychological, our health. 

Our unique values, preferences, strengthens and talents. 

Our trustworthiness. 

Our relationships and interpersonal networks. 

Our developed knowledge and skills. 


What to enhance your ability to be

Your 'Best True Self?' or

Build your 'Personal Power?'

Consider becoming a member of the 'Respectful Team',

or check out training, or other resources

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