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Group Lecture

 We all Deserve Respect

Did You Know?


In Life you are meant to 


to go beyond survival


Respectful Communication

Respectful Communication is experienced as a sense of safety and trust that allows one to be authentic, open, and honest, in hearing and expressing feelings, thoughts and ideas so that effective communication occurs. 


It is a form of communication we can practice to enhance the experience of Respectfulness in our daily lives. It is founded in a mindset of Respectfulness and builds on Non-Violent Communication*, Compassionate Communication** and Positive Communication*** skills.  It does so by including valuable components of Accountability, Self-Care and Self-Protection. 

Respectful Communication empowers the experience of 'psychological safety' and 'person centred practice'.  

Respectful Communication requires a number of skills that empowers individuals to select communication strategies that complement our natural compassionate nature, however, counter our natural protective nature. As a consequence Respectful Communication requires more than basic communication skills.  It requires one to explore their mindset, emotional awareness and social considerations. 

Principles of Respectful Communication:

Nourish: Life requires us to be nourished, to have our needs fulfilled.  This is caring. To Nourish is Respectful Practice. The questions are how aware and responsive we are to our own and others needs? 


Autonomy: We all like to choose how we live our life. Our right of choice is foundational to being Respected as the unique individual we are. How well do you recognise your own and others Right of Choice? 

Reciprocity: The gift of flow comes about as we share, in turns, with consideration for all involved. It requires mutuality and equality.  Everyone matters. How important is equality to you?  Are you showing that in reciprocal practice? 

Empower: How can we help each other? How can we empower each other to fulfil our needs, dreams and desires?  The principle of empowerment enables the right of choice and freedom of individuality while providing means to care for ourself and each other. What skills are you supporting another to learn? 

Embrace:  We are all unique individuals and we all belong.  Being Respectful means embracing our differences and see the value of our uniqueness, while recognising we are all human and being humane about that reality.  How comfortable are you with your uniqueness and the diversity of others around you?  

*Rosenberg, Marshell


*** Mirivel, Julien


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