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Self-Care is the foundation for a Respectful Life. 

We all have needs that require nourishment a enable a life of growth and sense of satisfaction. 

We can recognise these needs as:

Physiological needs: by fulfilling our physiological needs our body grow in health, strength and ability.  Air, water, food, safety, warmth, touch, movement, rest, 


Psychological needs: A sense of safety, power, choice, accomplishment, stimulation, create, emotional intelligence 


Social needs: To connect, belong, be respected, to matter, to contribute 

Spiritual or Sense of Purpose needs:

Beyond our 'needs' into the Dimensions of wellbeing that enable us to Thrive and Flourish and thus are also essential for our Self-Care 

Dimensions for Wellbeing: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community. 


Connect when we connect and feel a strong sense of Belonging. 

Care is about about our ability to care for our self and all that we are responsible for. 

Create is a drive we have to make and do blossoms out of our need to learn and grow. 

Contribute to strengthen our sense of Belonging we have a strong need to contribute to our tribe, our place of Belonging. 

Context all this is done within the context we are within, our family, our society, the organisations and groups we send time within. Each context is likely to have varying requirements of us, rules to 'be' within the group. Our ability to adapt to this variation is an essential skill. 


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