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At Respectful Communication and Relationships we empower individuals to develop and practice the mindset and skills that enable

Respectful Communication and Relationships. 

In addition we empower the reduction of 

bullying and other disrespectful conduct 


our RESPECTFUL program 

and insights into handling bullying in the workplace effectively. 

                  Where you begin is up to you.


Despite being on the same journey toward being more Respectful in our lives, we all travel different paths.  We take the path we believe will provide us with the outcomes we desire whilst allowing us to be ourself.  There are two key aspects to consider when beginning your journey: 


First what aspect of Being more Respectful is your current priority? 

Do you want to start with Being Respectful, Difficult Conversations, AntiBullying or Becoming Powerful.


Secondly which resources will you start with.  You can chose to begin with recommended resources, the provided Blogs and How Tos, explore courses either online or face to face, or organise a group Presentation. 

From your answers you can select where to start.  

                                Let's Make it Happen

                                                Your Way 

                                   Select Your Tab To Get Started Now 

With progress, many of us discover the importance of practice.  In reality practicing new skills is much easier with others who are either already good at the skills, thus are great role models, or like us are developing the skills, providing understanding peers.  Because Respectful Communication and Relationships are not as common as many of us would like, it is not unusual to lack quality role models or peers.  For this reason I hold regular Practice Sessions and other events, providing peers for the journey. You’d be most welcome to join us.

Alternatively you may desire a personalised approach, in which case Coaching would be the choice to go with.  

Practice Sessions

Practice sessions provide information on bites size communication tips with an opportunity to implement the tip in a safe environment with like minded others just like you. 

Locations and times:  Currently on Hold 


                    Email your expression of interest 

                            with your location 

Respectful Communication and Relationship Courses

Self Respect

Self Determination


Emotional Intelligence 

Self Care 

Self Protection 

Personal Power 

Respectful Communication


Respectful Communication Fondations 


Managing Difficult Conversations 

Respectful Relationships

Relationship Ready

Respectful Relationships